Dental Inlays/Onlays

Inlays and onlays are pre-formed in a lab before being bonded to a patient’s damaged or decayed tooth. An inlay is made to fit within the grooves found within the cusps of your teeth, whereas an onlay is made to fit within the grooves, but also wraps up and over the cusps, covering more of the tooth. Onlays are used when there is more extensive damage to the tooth. Dr. Russell will be able to determine what is best for your situation. 

The process is somewhat similar to having a cavity filled. We’ll prep the affected area much like we would for a standard filling. After prepping the tooth, an impression will be made and sent to a dental lab. While your inlay or onlay is being made, you will likely be required to wear a temporary filling until your next visit. If you have questions about this process, give us a call today. 

How It Works

Decayed teeth may require an inlay to restore strength and health to the natural tooth structure.
The decayed portion of the tooth is removed from the sound tooth structure.
An inlay is fabricated to match the look and feel of your natural teeth. This restoration often resembles a puzzle piece.
In most cases, the restoration will completely blend into the natural tooth structure.
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